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Seasons Reflection maintains intellectual property rights of elements showcased on,,, merchant sites, and other websites where we may provide our products or services. Item's including, but not limited to, our logos, images, literary elements, certain fonts, product packaging, website design, and others that are the original content created by Seasons Reflection are reserved for the sole use and distribution in any format or medium for any reason by Seasons Reflection. Any elements displayed that are not the original creation of Seasons Reflection are used with obtained, requested, granted, purchased, or open source rights. Although Seasons Reflection may not explicitly render each logo or element with the trademark or copyright symbol, ™ / © ,such items are the intellectual and identifiable property of Season Reflection and maintain Intellectual Property Rights despite no distinct scripts which includes, but is not limited to, our overall design trade dress.

SnoFlock® is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. 

SnoShimmer™, SnoGlue™, ShimmerSpec™, SifThru™, SnoLock™, BondFlex™, SnoFiber™, VintaGlo™, GloWarm™, Vinta.V™, Vinta.II™, LEDiode™,  are all trademarks of Seasons Reflection Co.

All trademark & copyright protections are applied with accordance to U.S. Law. 

If you are the owner of any elements on this website and would like to request the removal of said elements, please report said request to the email provided below.  

If you believe any of our elements have been used without our consent on other sites, products, or advertisements, and would like to report unauthorized use, please use the contact link below.

To request permission to use any element on this website, or from our products, please contact us with the link below. 

Trademark™ & Copyright© 2015 - 2023

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