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simpler to apply.

quicker to finish.

Click on each number below to see more details on each step. SnoFlock has an extremely high tack plant based adhesive mixed right in, so all you need is water.

How to flock a Christmas tree.

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First, use a spray bottle to mist your tree.

Add SnoFlock to your sifter, Shake n' Spray the SnoFlock as it falls.

Seal SnoFlock with a misting of water.

Allow 24-72 Hours for SnoFlock to dry. Decorate and enjoy! 


one Sno. endless possibilities.

Apply SnoFlock light or heavy, on trees or twigs, and on everything in between!

Note the amounts are estimates based on our in-house application results in no wind.

Your amount will vary based on wind, sifter size, and how full and wide your tree is.



Swipe right to see effect options.

Simple, but standard.

shine bright. no, brighter.

SnoFlock reflects light and creates a warm glow like no other. You can apply SnoFlock directly on prelit decorations that have energy efficient lights, such as mini incandescent lights and LEDs.

We don't recommend applying SnoFlock to large incandescent C7 and C9 type bulbs as they get very hot. In such instance, consider using comparable C7/ C9 LED strings. In any situation, turn off christmas lights when not in use.

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Detailed Instructions
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let's sift through 

the details.

SnoFlock with SifThru and SnoLock technologies make it one of the easiest flocking powders to apply. Here are the details for a perfect application every time.


Before you begin.

Gather some basic materials.

Spray bottle, sifter, and dust mask are required. We recommend using a drop cloth, gloves, and safety glasses, too.


Mist the goods.

SnoFlock needs a wet surface to stick and bond too. Apply a light misting of water. 

You can use a hose with a fine mist setting to speed up this process. 


Sift n' Spray.

Fill your sifter halfway with SnoFlock.

With a spray bottle in one hand, and sifter in the other, shake the sifter, and as the SnoFlock is falling, use the Spray bottle to spray the falling powder onto the tree. Do not apply dry flocking directly onto the branches.


With SifThru SnoFibers, SnoFlock now sifts easily through standard coarse mesh kitchen sifters. And now, there is no need to stop and apply any flakes, our new +ShimmerSpec is a microcut highly reflective glitter that applies right along with SnoFlock without doing anything else!

SifThru Concept 4.1.png



Inst. Step 1
Inst. Step 2

Seal the Deal.

Lightly mist your finished piece with water. Due to our new formula, you don't need to saturate the flocking for optimal adhesion, a light misting is all you need, speeding up application.


SnoLock Logo 6.png

With our new SnoLock SnoAdhesive technology, SnoFlock has even better adhesion than before and with less water. No additional glues required!


Let Dry & Decorate.

Depending on your humidity, temperature and thickness of your SnoFlock application, you'll need 12 - 72 hours for SnoFlock to dry. Afterwards, decorate and enjoy your new creation


Inst. Step 3
Inst. Step 4

Individual results may vary. Apply in conditions with little to no wind. Images and text are protected by copyright. 

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